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3900 candidates will receive Invitations to Apply after the recent 105th Express Entry draw  was held on Nov 28th. The cut-off threshold for CRS score was only 445 points. Moreover, the figures in Express Entry draws, after holding the latest draw, stand at 82,000. With this IRCC is 4023 ITAs short from breaking the record total of 86,023 of 2017. Even in this draw the authorities used the Tie-break mechanism. The date and time was Oct 22, 2018 at 14:40:13 UTC. Thus all candidates, having a CRS score of 445 and higher than that, who submitted their EE profiles before the specific date and time, will receive the Invitation. In this draw the number of candidates receiving the invitation is high at 3900. Additionally the minimum CRS score requirement has plunged by four points in comparison to the draw held on Nov 15. Based on the Canadian Immigration Levels Plan for 2019-2021, it will additionally accept 256,000 fresh applications in the future. Minimum CRS score in the recent draws:

Date of draw Minimum CRS score
November 28, 2018 445
November 15, 2018 449
October 29, 2018 442
October 15, 2018 440
October 3, 2018 445
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