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Canada has a plan to welcome one million fresh immigrants by 2021

There is a multi-year immigration plan of the federal government to welcome more than one million fresh permanent residents in the country. This is the target for 2021. As per the government, this plan benefits the citizens because immigrants make a useful contribution to economic growth. They also help in keeping Canada at a high competitive level in the global economy.

Details of the plan

The announcement of this plan was made in 2018 and has its roots in 2017. It is an adjustment of targets announced previously. Moreover, it adds the third year 2021 to the plan. The arrivals estimate is:
  • 330,800 in 2019,
  • 341,000 in 2020
  • 350,000 in 2021
The thinking of the government is that apart from economic growth, an increase in immigration is of great help in addressing the challenge of an aging population. Additionally, there is a challenge of decrease in birth rate also. Ahmed Hussen, Immigration Minister has said in a federal report that Immigrants have addressed to this by adding to Canada’s labor force growth.

PR and Other categories

Canada had welcomed 286,000 PRs in 2017. There were 44,000 persons in the category of protected persons, resettled refugees, and those gaining admission on humanitarian and compassionate grounds and also in public policy considerations. Many eligible immigrants get Canadian citizenship, and also show a firm commitment towards the country. In 2016, 6.5 million immigrants were eligible to get the citizenship of Canada. 86%, of these, said that they acquired citizenship, as per the 2018 Annual Parliament Report on matters of Immigration.


In 2017, totally 44,747 persons gained admission as resettled refugees or PRs in the Protected Persons in Canada category or on compassionate/humanitarian grounds and also in public policy considerations.  The breakup of refugees who resettled in the country during 2017, is
  • 62% under private sponsorship,
  • 33% under government assistance
  • 5% in the Blended Visa (Office-Reference) Refugee Program.
This enables sponsorship groups and government to provide shared support to resettled refugees. Furthermore, Canada has received immigrants from more than 185 countries. The government of Canada has also taken the initiative to add pre-arrival settlement services in Toronto In January.

Government funding

In order to provide newcomers and refugees, the data and support in the settlement, there is a need to take a valid decision, regarding life in the country before their arrival. IRCC will provide $5.6 M in funding to the YMCA of Greater Toronto starting from this year to deal with the issues of preparation for finding a job. Canada has always provided funds for pre-arrival services since 1998. It has also granted asylum to a Saudi teenager who was fleeing from an abusive family and has proved its openness for refugees.

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