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Canada Fast-Track Visa Attracts Indian Technical Talents Away From USA

Canada Fast-Track Visa Attracts Indian Technical Talents Away From USA

At a time when the USA has adopted restrictive immigration policies, a Canadian program, with an aim to speed up the employment of overseas talent, is attracting  technical talents and skilled employees.

The strategy yields positive results

The Global Skills Strategy, introduced two years ago, so far attracted 24,000 persons in these years, as per a government figure. The program specifically provides temporary work-permit in two weeks time for top global talent in various categories. There is a preference for the software engineers, managers and researchers.

This approach is an important part of a broad strategy to increase growth through high foreign inflow in Canada. Ahmed Hussen, Immigration Minister Canada stated that the program allows Canadian tech companies to become quicker.

Companies also feel that the two-week processing time has transformed the making of business decisions. They Companies can use this program in Canada for bringing in talent in a fast manner.

A boon for many sectors

It has become a boon for Computer programmers, media programmers, software engineers as well as university professors. A major part of the applicants are Indians.

The principal applicants on fast-track jobs were accompanied by 16,000 family members, who can also work/study in Canada.

The increasing number of top skilled overseas workers is part of a surge in migration in Canada. It is a welcome measure for the economy to cope up with aging demographics and a slow growth. More migration has also fuelled an increase in employment amid sluggish witnessed in other parts of the economy because immigrants are in the working age bracket.

There was an addition of 321,065 immigrants in the country last year. This was the biggest annual increase ever since 1913.

Other facts

There was an increase in non-permanent residents including overseas students as well as temporary workers. The increase in numbers helped the population growth by 528,421 in 2018. This is a record, since the 1950s, as per the statement of Statistics Canada. The fast-track program has won stature and reputation from the tech sector which competes for attracting the global talent.

Finally Toronto was the fastest- tech-jobs market having an increase in the world in the year 2017, as per the report of CBRE Group.

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