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Canada commits $10 million for helping newcomers to enter the Job Market

Under the Foreign Credential Recognition Program, Canada plans to commit a sum of $10 million, for the projects that are specific to the newcomers. This will help the globally trained newcomers in finding and keeping lucrative jobs.

The purpose

The allocation of this money will be to a maximum of $800,000 for each of 15 projects. The area of focus will be in providing employment supports for top skilled newcomers or for the process of facilitating foreign credential recognition. As per the news release of the Employment and Social Development Canada the government is on the lookout for collaborative and innovative concepts. The stakeholders can help to address the barriers found in the integration of top skilled newcomers in the labor market. Moreover, Patty Hajdu, Minister of Employment, and Labor stated that when there is assistance in recognizing foreign credentials. The newcomers can join the workforce in a fast manner to benefit the growth of Canada. The call for bright and best concepts gives the newcomers a reasonable chance of success in the country.

Additional details

ESDC has also stated that the call for concepts is open to stakeholders that are involved in recognition of foreign credentials and also in the integration of top skilled newcomers in the labor market. Additionally, it will help in the regulatory bodies, unions and professional associations. The authorities will accept Concept submission until April 11, 2019. Finally, the selected applicants will receive the invitation to developing and submitting a Complete Project Proposal. This FCR Program will also work in cooperation and coordination with the provinces and territories of Canada. There will also be stakeholders like regulatory bodies, non-profit organizations, post-secondary institutions, and employers. They can help for funding and implementing programs with an aim to facilitate the assessment/recognition of professional credentials received outside of Canada. This will lead to skilled immigrants finding suitable employment commensurate with their abilities.  Moreover, they will get work in a fast manner also.

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