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The government announced that Canada will provide 2,000 additional spaces in the Provincial Nominee Programs. PNPs are a popular immigration route for many overseas workers who are keen to make a contribution towards the progress and prosperity of the country. Moreover, the aim behind this increase is to provide several opportunities to the temporary foreign workers already present in the country possessing the intermediate skill level (NOC code C). They can make a transition towards permanent residence. This also addresses the issue of worker vulnerability. As per the IRCC, the 2,000 additional spaces for NOC C workers will provide an increase in the strength of temporary overseas workers who intend to seek permanent residence by using the PNP.


Additionally, the Provincial/territorial governments will continue in determining the process of nomination for the necessary workers through their PNP streams. Ahmed Hussen, Immigration Minister Canada stated that These Temporary workers fulfill the long-term market needs of labor. They also make an immense contribution to the growth of the economy. The government also recognizes that it is important to provide opportunities to them seek permanent residence. This addition under the PNP will help in meeting this objective. The additional spaces in PNP will complement other immigration programs in the country. These will also strengthen initiatives like the Atlantic Immigration Pilot as well as the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot. The aim behind them is to offer help the temporary overseas workers to become PRs.


Workers belonging to the NOC C occupations do not meet the eligibility norms for immigrating to Canada by using the Express Entry. They need to show recent work experience in a NOC 0/A/ B occupation. Furthermore, these three come under skilled category. NOC C occupations are intermediate jobs that call for high school education and training that is job-specific like:
  • Industrial butchers
  • Retail salespersons
  • Long-haul truck drivers
  • General office workers and finally
  • Food and beverage servers
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