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Canada conducted a new draw for the 112th Express Entry Draw on March 6th and issued 3,350 ITAs to candidates seeking the Permanent Residence in Canada.

Facts of the draw

The Comprehensive Ranking System score was 454 which is a decline of three points over the previous draw of February 20. When the time is less between draws the EE pool has a Limited time to replenish which reduces the cut-off score. The Government has issued 17,850 ITAs in the present year using the EE system. In comparison at this juncture, it had issued 11,500 ITAs in 2018. Moreover, in 2018 Canada issued 89,800 ITAs, which is a record of the federal government. Additionally, in 2019 it can surpass this figure owing to the high admission targets for the Express Entry. There are three immigration categories as mentioned below:
  • Federal Skilled Trades Class
  • The Federal Skilled Worker Class, and finally,
  • Canadian Experience Class

Other details

Successful Candidates meeting the eligibility requirements in the above categories enter the EE pool.  Here they get a CRS score for work experience, age, proficiency in English/French and their education. IRCC invites the fixed number of top scoring candidates to seek permanent residence by conducting regular draws featuring the candidates of the pool. Also, IRCC has applied tie-break rule in this draw with the time and date of Feb 11, 2019, at 17:21:27 UTC. Thus the candidates having a CRS score of and above 454, who submitted their profile in the pool before the specific date/time, received ITA in this round. Additionally, the ranking of a candidate in the EE pool can be improved in many ways. The enhanced provincial nomination has a great impact here. Furthermore, all EE candidates receiving the PR nomination of the provinces or territories receive 600 additional points in their rank.

Great developments

Moreover, during the past fortnight, there were draws in British Columbia, Manitoba, and Prince Edward Island targeting the EE candidates. These provinces, ask the EE candidates to register a separate EOI to get consideration for nomination. The prominent programs were:
  • Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program
  • British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program
  • Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program
Having a master’s degree, scoring 8 in the IELTS, or a job in IT, besides proficiency in the English language is sufficient to obtain the ITA. In this year the draw size and the time between two draws varied. The total number of ITAs issued has also surpassed the figures for the previous years.  The future is exciting. Additionally, provincial nominee programs with a link to the Express Entry were active in 2019 and serve as an option to the candidates to consider them.

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