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Businesses in Canada Constantly Need Skilled Immigrant Workers

Businesses in Canada Constantly Need Skilled Immigrant Workers

Unemployment in Canada is presently 5.4% and the lowest after 1976. Several businesses are looking to attract more immigrants for filling up the vacant roles. Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister has a hope that the economy will grow and has the annual goal of the allowing newcomers to increase by 1%. This is a positive development for the aspirants intending to migrate to Canada and obtain permanent residency.

The statistics reveal a good picture

Last year the population of Canada increased by 1.4% and the total among the permanent residents was 321,035. This is a record since 1913 and more than the original expectation of the government. The growth has helped in filling up jobs in the market. In spite of this development, there are many top demand positions, in the industries, where there are many vacancies.

The meat-processing industry of Canada requires 25000 workers in the next ten years and Ontario seeks immigrants for filling up the labor gap. Manitoba has a remarkably low unemployment rate, and there are only some candidates to select among the new workers to take up available roles. There is a shortage in the commercial farming sector. There is an unforeseen impact on the economy, resulting in a substantial revenue loss.

Some Canadians are not enthusiastic regarding acceleration of immigration. This matter will be decided by the vote in the forthcoming elections.

Canada definitely needs skilled workers, and also has many job openings in many occupations. There are elections in October and the months before it are the most favorable time for immigration.

The two ways to apply are by using:

  • The Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • The Provincial Nominee Programs

Federal Skilled Worker Program

This Program caters to newcomers who possess in-demand skills with a desire to immigrate to Canada on a permanent basis. Aspirants must contribute to the economy and qualify will with eagerness to relocate to Canada accompanied by the family and dependents.

The options for skilled immigrant depend on the province you select for moving. Each province has unique and distinct criteria.

Applying for the programs

The first step involves creating the online profile in Express Entry, and then submitting the Expression of Interest. This has information on education, age, and work experience. As per the details, applicants get a score in the Comprehensive Ranking System. The top scoring candidates receive an ITA for permanent residence. Candidates also have to meet these eligibility requirements:

Minimum Requirements

One year work experience (full-time) during the last 10 years in skilled occupations based on National Occupational Classification skill level O, A or B;

Language capability equal to CLB 7 in English / French in the writing, reading, listening and speaking sections,

Canadian educational credentials like the diploma, degree, or certificate; or else the overseas credentials followed by the Assessment report of Educational Credentials

Provincial Nominee Programs

These e Programs allow Canadian provinces and territories (apart from Quebec and Nunavut) in nominating the candidates who intend to reside, work and relocate to the province. Each province has unique, distinct and specific eligibility criteria and there is a stream aligned to the Federal Express Entry that gives extra 600 CRS points, to candidates serving as an essential guarantee to get the ITA leading to permanent residence.

Finally, the Government aims at increasing the quota of overseas immigrants, and skilled workers have 70 programs to select. You can start the application process immediately and we are eager to help you in taking the necessary steps. With our support you can turn your dreams of reaching Canada a reality.

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