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Today a few leading British universities of Britain are struggling with their finances owing to Brexit. They are planning to recruit more foreign students, who pay a comparatively high fee than locals.

More students from China and India

The students are likely to at the forefront will be from China and India in this student influx. Some, with university chiefs expect that their strength will surpass the strength of British students in UK campuses. Moreover a leading figure representing 24 leading institutions of the UK said that many universities will now aim to recruit overseas students mainly from India and China. The reason of this development is for offsetting the financial challenges. There are talks regarding increasing the proportion of EU and foreign students and take it to half of the total.

The universities face income reduction

The universities aim to do this because as a way of responding to the sudden reduction in income. As per the report, the higher education sector in UK faces many challenges as the United Kingdom leaves the EU not striking a deal. The UK is set to lose 1.3 billion pounds from the EU research funds. Moreover there will a significant decline of EU students. Jointly the results will be catastrophic for the universities. Furthermore another worrying factor is the government review which is scheduled to recommend a low fees structure that the universities can charge to the local undergraduates of 6,500 pounds per year.

Boosting the share of foreign students

A Professor in London said that universities need to boost the share of EU and foreign students to 50 percent. They will also have to reduce the proportion of students belonging to UK because there is a great uncertainty regarding the finances. Universities flourish on overseas students but break-even on UK students. In places like LSE foreign students outnumber British students, and two-thirds are from abroad.

Likely implications

A Professor was of the opinion that this situation will make the British students uncomfortable at universities with the domination of Chinese or Indian students.  Moreover, the government will face a great pressure for changing migration rules allowing overseas students to work after finishing their degrees. This will have an impact on the job scenario of British students. In some universities, foreign students annually pay 30,000 pounds for a medical degree. This is many times bigger than the payment of UK students.

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