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Theresa May, UK Prime Minister on Tuesday revealed a significant post-Brexit update of the immigration system of the UK, which she said is focused at a level playing field for citizens from all nations by ending movement freedom once and for all for EU citizens. Indians may profit from the current rules, which will concentrate on highly-skilled immigration as denied to low-skilled workers. But a combined obligation on organizations being needed to sponsor families of that high-skilled experts may prove a barrier in the long term.

British Government Announcement on New Immigration System

The British government announced the latest so-called system of skills based would make sure low-skilled immigration is taken down. This clearly fixed the UK on the path to reducing immigration to particular levels. A fundamental manifesto commitment of the ruling Conservative Party. Below the rules for skilled workers, candidates will remain to be asked to satisfy the least threshold of the salary. This may be hiked additional, and have their sponsored families by their prospective employers. Successful candidates for highly skilled workers could be able to bring their next family but only if sponsored by their prospective employers, the UK government announcement noted. The plans follow a critical report on government-commissioned from the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) latest month. MAC had suggested that high-skilled workers should be given preference over visa appeals from low-skilled workers. Below the EU's modern free movement rules, residents from inside the 28-member economic bloc have so far can enter the UK smoothly and watch for work on arrival as strictly denied to stringent visa norms that appeal to non-EU workers from nations like India. The latest cap on skilled workers is fixed at 20,700 per year for immigrants from non-EU nations like India, something the board had recommended must be done away with. However, whether this would eventually help experienced professionals from nations like India will depend on the further requirements. It forced upon candidates and the UK based organizations attempting to employ them. Sajid Javid, UK Home Secretary will lay out some contours of the current plans as a part of his conversation to the continuing Conservative Party yearly conference in Birmingham succeeding on Tuesday. Please subscribe to Migration Ideas newsletters to get more information and updates about Visa and Immigration. We also assist with the hassle-free and quick visa and immigration process.

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