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Britain cannot wait for long for a meaningful post-Brexit immigration policy
Posted on: 24 Aug 2018  |   Tags: Migrate to UK , Uk , UK Immigration , UK work visa , work in UK ,


There is a great reduction in the number of EU workers, arriving to the UK. The delay to publish a white paper is harmful for the economy. A report shows decline in the number of people from the EU arriving to work. It is making it very difficult for businesses in the UK, to plan regarding the vital matters. There is already a delay about the possible immigration rules and costs to be faced. Overall, this has hurt the confidence, because there is a long wait, for the result of Brexit negotiations. Many questions about future business conditions are linked to Brussels talks. The government can design the Brexit immigration policy and take back the control. Moreover, it can have a new set of clear rules.

A bold immigration policy

Furthermore, the need of the day is a bold immigration policy. Through this there will be a golden opportunity to the government to give great confidence to firms in the country. They can draft their investment strategy, hiring process, and also opt for training and expansion. Presently, there is a great amount of frustration, in the business and community leaders, regarding the repeated failure of the government. There are serious repercussions. The Brexit has sent a clear signal to the EU citizens. This has permitted a significant decline for people to come to work in the UK. Moreover, there are several vacancies in firms. This is a danger for jobs, business sector and communities, posing a serious risk to the economy.

Local labor markets

Businesses reach out to local labor markets first, for their needs. But in many spheres of the country, like hospitality, agriculture, and the care industry, firms are failing to find, sufficient locals to do the jobs. Today, many firms invest heavily in training and development, of the people to fulfill skills gaps. In a tight labor market, 70% of businesses struggle in filling job vacancies. Furthermore, access to migrant labor is a real necessity. Additional challenges will only worsen the problem, put jobs at risk and increase the cost of goods/services also.There is a great need for ordinary categories of labor, like the machinists, fruit pickers, lorry drivers, sales staff and hospitality professionals. The post-Brexit system requires a focus on economy, as well as on universities, hi-technology firms and major city services firms.

The needs of the day

Setting arbitrary targets and impractical salary thresholds will hurt businesses growth in all regions of the country. This will lead to failure in improving productivity and losing the competitive edge. A complex, costly and impractical work permit system for European or other workers will be a great disaster. To have a control over borders is different from closing them. A clear immigration system will be of great value, to corporate sector and also to the communities. Presently, the UK is set to leave the European Union, but it is hurting many ambitious and hard-working persons. The United Kingdom must once again become a good place to work, help people to take roots, and do efficient business. There is virtually no time to lose now. The authorities must listen to the world of business, and have a fair and credible immigration policy.


There is no room for arbitrary targets and hostile rhetoric. The business sector and other stake holders, have waited a lot, and the Government needs to act soon.

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