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Australian Visas To Be Issued On Meeting New Conditions And Thresholds

Australian Visas

Australian Immigration has introduced new rules on 1st July 2019, in which applicants having a permanent medical condition/disability will not be assessed considering their lifetime care-cost.

This is an important change of Government policies and also goes a long way to reduce discrimination inherent in the immigration system. Many human rights activists have welcomed it. This is a step forward and addresses the concerns of migrants suffering from a disease or an illness, intellectual/physical disability. Until now they were prevented from obtaining the visa owing to the impact on taxpayers or also because it put the public at a huge risk.

Australian Immigration - New Cap And Other Rules

Before 1st July 2019, the policy reinforced the requirement threshold for important treatment cost to be $40,000 after the fresh changes it was increased and set at $49,000. The method to calculate of cost of people having permanent disability or a medical condition who seek permanent residency was updated on 1 July 2019.

Before that people having permanent conditions were rejected when the hypothetical cost of care was in excess of the cost threshold in their lifetime. At present, the theoretical cost will be calculated for ten years and not for lifetime.


The Medical Officer of the Commonwealth has to give an opinion regarding the applicant’s condition/disease that can result in significant cost of health care and expenses of community service in case the visa is granted. 

The definition of Community service is the providing social security benefit, pension and allowance in Australia. It also includes services of special education, supported accommodation, home care and community care.  The policy threshold for regarding significant costs is $49,000. 

In assessing this type of costs, the applicants are assessed against the requirement for: 

The period for which the Minister will grant the visa in case the applicant applied to get the temporary visa 


A permanent stay in Australia in case the applicant applied to get the permanent or provisional visas. 

The estimated costs for temporary visa applicants in their future stay in the country is assessed considering the stay period that the immigration officer means to give the visa. The student visa applicants having the health care cost of $16,000 will get visa for one-year and also meet the requirement of health. For longer years they do not meet the health requirements. 

A few specific health care and community services stand excluded from the assessment of cost.

Migrate To Australia - Time Calculation To Estimate Costs

For visa applicants in the permanent/provisional category, the time calculation to estimate costs of significant health care and community service for the significant cost threshold  of AUD 49 000 is based on the following specifications: 

  • When the age of the applicant is below 75 years: five years; or, 
  • When the age of the applicant is 75 years or above: three years; 

Unless the applicant suffers from the permanent condition and the course of the disease is inevitable besides being reasonably predictable beyond the five years, the assessment of the applicant will be for 10 years.

When the applicant has inevitable or a reasonably predictable diminished life expectancy owing to the health condition/disease the applicant is assessed for 10 years.  This also marks a big change in the attitude to visa applicants having the medical condition/disability.

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