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The Australian Labor government plans changes in the Sponsored Parent Visa

Labor is set to announce its policy regarding the temporary sponsored Parent Visa specific to the parents of migrants. It will replace the new visa which the Coalition Government is making available soon.

Disagreement with the government position

Shayne Neumann, the Shadow Immigration Minister, stated his disagreement with the position of the present government’s regarding the visa. It shows the breaking of a promise made to migrant and multicultural communities. The date for having this visa was November 2017, but there is no sign of its delivery. There was a campaign carried by multicultural communities, and as a result, in June 2016, the Coalition, under former PM Turnbull, made the promise of a special visa specific to the parents of migrants. Parliament passed the legislation in November 2018 and the government had a plan of providing the new visa in the first half of the present year.

A different visa

The visa which the government is proposing is drastically different from what the promise prior to the 2016 election. The promise did not include an annual cap on the number of visas. Moreover, the sponsoring children had to pay a refundable bond. Additionally, the proposed visa of the government promising a new pathway for grandparents to visit their relatives in the country carries a fee of $5,000 for a three-year visa. Furthermore, it is $10,000 for a five-year visa. There will also be an annual cap of 15,000. Families can sponsor a set of parents and can renew the visa for a single time.


There was no mention of a cap or of paying a fee.  Furthermore, this proves that they have failed in the matter of temporary parent visa. Their policy would be different from the policy of the current government. Finally, he said that there is great importance of the family as well as of grandparents in the life of the people. Children have a right to receive the care by both sets of grandparents. We bring the latest information on trending matters and you can contact us.

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