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A Brand Research report was published highlighting 20 Perfect places to work in Australia during the present year. It is based on a survey in which 10,000 Australians listed best employers, of the nation.

Australia - 20 Best Places To Work In 2019

1. Qantas Airways 11. Federal Government
2. Epworth HealthCare 12. Healthe Care Australia
3. Apple 13. The University of Sydney
4. PricewaterhouseCoopers 14. The University of Queensland
5. Tasmanian Government 15. The University of New South Wales
6. Infosys Technologies Limited 16. Australian Red Cross Society
7. The University of Melbourne 17. Monash University
8. Virgin Australia 18. Boeing Australia
9. Australian Broadcasting Corporation 19. G8 Education
10. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 20. Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology
Qantas the national flagship airline is on the top because it offers liberal perks to its employees like the discounted travel adopts technology and is a consistent performer financially. Qantas has earned a name as the world’s safest airline for the fifth year in a row. The others among the top have strong value, financial credentials, a good public reputation and for engaging job content in important fields. The research also demonstrates an upward trend in the popularity of universities. It is a matter of pride that the educational sector, is doing well and six universities have earned a rank among the top 20 attractive employers at the national level. Australia has an unemployment rate of 5 percent, and it faces fierce competition for top talents. Business leaders must undertake much effort and show a determination by carrying a robust image. The aim must be to give a great employee experience.

Work-life balance is important

The research dealt with the factors which motivate an employee to continue or leave an employer. The most important reason was Work-life balance for all employees to continue in their roles. The next in the list were smart salaries and benefits, job security, an enjoyable work environment, and training. The top reasons for quitting a job were an improper work-life balance, imperfect career paths, inadequate challenges, followed by lack of recognition and insufficient pay. Employers must make more efforts in retaining the good employees and also deliver work-life balance, job security and offer the best in salary. The work-life balance is a challenge for most Workers. Also, it is the topmost reason to quit a job. The modern employees need good training and seek career opportunities in a big way.  Even though there is a scarcity of high employment and talent, 33% of people plan to change their roles within one year.
Other details
Young workers between 18 -24 years try for jobs in the market. 40 percent plan to change their roles in a matter of a year. There was also a direct correlation between the experience of a job seeker and the purchasing behavior of a consumer. Moreover, many respondents agreed that the experience as a company employee influences their decision to purchase products or availing the services. Half of the survey respondents also agreed to share their experiences with family and friends. Finally, the research reminds that the experience of an employee can impact on the business bottom line. There is a strong need to maintain a brand reputation in all stages. We always bring such surveys and reports before our patrons and they can contact us.

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