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Professionals like Geophysicists, Choreographers, Multimedia Specialists, and Footballers will be eligible for applying to permanent residency in Australia. The country has added new occupations to the Skilled Occupations list.

Terms and conditions

Under the Australian migration policy, the Migrants need a nomination in a skilled occupation, for seeking the permanent residency visa. There are 212 top skill- occupations in the new list of the Home Affairs Department in its Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189) program. Additionally, in the Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) there are 427 occupations. Moreover, in the Employer Nomination Scheme visa subclass 186, 216 skilled occupations are eligible.  Finally, in the Temporary Skill Shortage visa subclass 482, 508 skilled occupations will gain presently. The Skilled Occupations List will be valid starting from March 11th, 2019.

Addition and removal of occupations in the list

Experts feel that the list opens fresh opportunities for skillful professionals.  Moreover, the addition of several new occupations was a welcome surprise for the people. The Medium/Long Term list of Skilled Occupations has university lecturers, Arts Managers, Environmental Managers, Music Directors, Dance Choreographers, and Musicians. Also, 27 occupations featuring earlier in the list of short term jobs now figure in the Regional Job List and Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List. Five jobs were totally removed. Many other occupations were shifted to the regional occupation list or the long term occupations list which serves as good news to the visa applicants. The job removals in the list do not have an impact on persons holding the skilled visa already.


Persons holding the skilled visa already will not get an impact from the removal of occupations. Some of them may feel the impact, when changes happen in their circumstances, requiring the lodgment of a fresh nomination application. This impact can happen in case they change an occupation/employer, and the occupation ceases to exist on the joint list of skilled occupations. We bring the latest trends and news regarding such programs. Please contact us.

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