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The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program was launched in March 2017, in Canada. Since then it had steady growth and has helped in the immigration of skilled workers to the Atlantic Provinces. There is a job offer also.


The pilot had an original schedule to run for three years, but after its success, there is a probability that the program will take permanent shape. Furthermore, during the first year, AIP had slow growth. The Atlantic provinces of the pilot could only fill a portion of their quotas for immigration of the year. In the second year of the program, there was a change. These Atlantic Provinces filled their quotas quickly for 2018. In the summer of 2018, the quota was 2,000 newcomers but there was a huge demand to accept more candidates. Furthermore, the result was the announcement of an increase of 500 in the quota. Presently the quota is 2,500 spots.

Working mechanism

The aim of the Canadian government with the AIP was addressing labor shortages in these Atlantic Provinces: These provinces experienced difficulty to attract young skilled workers, and it had an aim to address the shortages. The AIP offers a fast route to seek a permanent residence to the candidates than other provincial programs. Many streams rely on job offers, but the AIP has an exemption from LMIA.  Additionally, this means that the employers do not need completing the Labor Market Impact Assessment prior to hiring a foreign country worker. This also saves time, resources and money, for hiring a skilled worker from outside Canada.


The AIP has a focus on employers.  The hopeful immigrants can submit an application in the program after they receive a job offer from a designated employer of the program. When there is a job offer, these candidates can begin the phase of endorsement in the process. This leads to working with the employers and the provincial immigration authorities for arranging the settlement services which they will receive after they arrive in Canada. Finally, after obtaining the provincial approval, the candidate gets the work permit. This also allows them to start working while they apply to become a PR in Canada.

AIP creating a way for similar New Pilots

The success of the AIP was the motivating factor behind the launch of the new pilot - the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot. The program announced on Jan 24th was modeled after the AIP and has a focus on rural and northern areas, of Canada. The individual communities intending to bringing and retaining newcomers get the benefit through it. Finally, the program has a plan to attract newcomers to many rural communities in Northern Canada, as well as from west of Ontario. We also bring the latest updates regarding such programs. Please contact us.

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