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After the Illegal Stay of 30 Years in UAE Indian Family Got UAE Passport

A family from India which had been living illegally in the U.A.E for a tenure 30 years without correct identification can presently begin their life again as 04 of their 05 adult children got their passports, Khaleej Times announced.

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From now the family doesn’t need to reside with fear anymore. For almost 03 decades, my children survived as prisoners inside their house. Now, they able to live openly and continue their dream of obtaining a job in the U.A.E. It is similar to rebirth for them. Prem Chand, an executive at the Indian Embassy in Dubai, approved the news that 04 passports were given to Madhusudhanan. The newspaper stated that, Now, they are able to apply for a work permit by not having any legal restrictions. Meanwhile 04 his children received their passports, Madhusudhan’s eldest daughter Aswathy, 29, is still to receive hers. That is the subsequent struggle. As per the Prem Chand, as Aswathy was born in Al Ain, the family from India will have to obtain in touch with the ministry in Abu Dhabi and record her birth there forward with appealing for her passport in the corresponding emirate. The Indian expat also told that his spouse who hails from Sri Lanka would get her passport on October 29. Madhusudhanan also said about his plan of having the 06-month temporary visa for his children below the popular visa amnesty scheme which closes on Oct. 29. The UAE began the program of visa amnesty on August 1, to allow foreign workers remaining their permits to leave the nation without paying any penalty or undergoing jail term. It will also enable workers to see for a latest opening in the time frame. Presently, my worry is about my elder daughter. Her appeal is still pending with the consulate, and the publication cited Madhusudhanan as saying. Please subscribe to Migration Ideas newsletters to get the latest information and updates about Visa and Immigration. We also support people with hassle-free and speed visa and immigration process.

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