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March 2018 - a remarkable month for Canada Jobs
Posted on: 10 Apr 2018  |   Tags: Canada Immigration , canada jobs ,

Introduction During March 2018, 32,000 qualified professionals have been added to the workforce of Canada.  The rate of unemployment has been a satisfactory 5.8 percent. Notably, among the Provinces, Quebec has been on the top. 16,000 jobs were added and the rate of unemployment was merely 5.6 percent.

Employment Trends

In addition, the trend in employment in the country is moving up from 2016. As a consequence, there is steady growth in the economy. In the last 12 months, employment figures are impressive and have increased by 300,000. The increase in the total hours of work was by 2.2 percent. The Labor Force Survey has a few findings. It says that the increase in employment of women has gone beyond 26,000. This figure is related to the age group of 25 to 54 years. Moreover, in the past 12-months, there was an increase of 31,000.


The figures for employment of men, in the same age-group, have decreased in March. Seeing the figures of the last 12 months, there was an increase of 50,000. The statistics for Young people in the age group of 15 to 24 show a gain in employment by 18,000 in March. However, there was no change in the employment of people who had an age of 55 years. Canada Jobs Snapshot End February
Unemployment rate (%) 5.8
Employment rate (%) 61.7
Labour force participation rate (%) 65.5
Number unemployed 1,142,100
Number working 18,604,800
Youth (15-24) unemployment rate (%) 10.9
Men (over 25) unemployment rate (%) 5.1
Women (over 25) unemployment rate (%) 4.8
Provincial Figures for Canada Jobs The March job increase of Quebec shows that it added 85,000 new jobs in the last 12 months.  It corresponds to an increase of 2 percent. The figure for Full-time employment shows an increase by 4.5 percent. In Saskatchewan 4,200 jobs have been filled up and the unemployment rate is 5.8 percent. Notably, there is no major change in the numbers, in the last 12 months. Alberta filled up 8,300 additional jobs during March and 41,000 during the entire year. Presently, the unemployment is at 6.3 percent. Also, 10,600 jobs have been added in Ontario, and the unemployment rate is 5.5 percent. Year wise figures confirm that the employment increased by 130,000. It corresponds to 1.8 percent. In British Columbia the unemployment rate was lowest at 4.7 percent among all the provinces. The 12-month growth rate of jobs was 33,000. Jobs Data in the Provinces
Jobs change January Unemployment rate (%)
1) British Columbia -3,900 4.7
2) Ontario 10,600 5.5
3) Quebec 16,000 5.6
4) Saskatchewan 4,200 5.8
5) Manitoba 900 6.2
6) Alberta 8,300 6.3
7) Nova Scotia -1,300 7.4
8) New Brunswick -1,800 8.0
9) Prince Edward Island -200 10.3
10) Newfoundland & Labrador -400 14.2
CANADA 32,300 5.8

Canada Jobs Data as per Industry

Furthermore, during March, the construction industry, has added 18,000 jobs and the figure for the entire year is 54,000. The next activity is public administration -12,000, agriculture- 8,100, and transportation and warehousing 56,000 jobs (in the entire year0. The gains in the employment in public sector were standing at 123,000. Furthermore, the private sector added 77,000 jobs. The figure of increase for self-employed persons was 97,000.

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