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314 Early Childhood Educators invited by Nova Scotia Express Entry

The Nova Scotia Government has announced 314 Letters of Interest to appeal for a provincial nomination to Express Entry applicants who satisfy the work experience and eligibility requirements of its current Stream of Labour Market Priorities. Express Entry applicants invited by the Priorities of Nova Scotia Labour Market should present proof of having work experience of two years in N.O.C 4214 - educators of early childhood and assistants below the Canadian Government National Occupational Classification (N.O.C) 2016. To get a Letter of Interest below this stream, the N.S.O.I state that the work experience applicant information in an Express Entry profile should match the job description for the aimed profession listed in the federal government's N.O.C 2016. Selected applicants are needed to present letters of reference from former employers with the below details: • Addressed on the letterhead of the company; • Acknowledged by the qualified manager, human resources officer, or supervisor; • Show full address of the company, phone number, e-mail and addresses of the website and be marked with the official seal of the company (if relevant); Express Entry applicants who have obtained a Letter of Interest from the N.S.O.I will have 30 calendar days to present a full application for a nomination of Nova Scotia province. An extra 600 Comprehensive Ranking System (C.R.S) points will be granted to applicants whose appeals are accepted by the N.S.O.I.

Selections of Dynamic Express Entry

The N.S.O.I state that professions defined in each draw and will depend on labor market requirements and the province priorities. Nova Scotia's Minister of Immigration Lena Diab states this current stream is the primary of its kind in Canada and will be used by the province as an 'innovative and adaptable new tool' to address Nova Scotia's labor market requirements.

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