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123rd Express Entry draw

On August 12 Canada immigration conducted an Express Entry draw that resulted in 3,600 candidates receiving the Invitation to Apply. The Comprehensive Ranking System score cut-off score stood at 466. The previous draw was held on July 24th, but the CRS score cut-off was only 459 points. This happened owing to a gap of more than two weeks for the IRCC to conduct an Express Entry draw.

Canada immigration also applied a tie-breaking mechanism for this draw, which means that the date/time of Aug 6 at 12:14:53 UTC will be the focus for the candidates to receive an ITA. In case of multiple candidates having an identical score the timing and date of submitting the Express Entry profile will decide the priority in the pool.

A Promising Year 

For 2019, this draw was the 16th and the 123rd since Express Entry was the launched in 2015. So far the total of the ITAs issued in this year stands at 52,600. This year Canada has an ambitious immigration targets and it is shaping up toward progress in the Express Entry in a big way. With the progress in the year the CRS score cut-off will get reduced continuously.

After a long interval between draws, more candidates entered the Express Entry pool, driving up the cut-off score.

In case IRCC conducts draws at two week intervals, and also maintains the trend of issuing many ITAs in every draw, there is a strong likelihood that there will be a drop in CRS cut-off threshold in future.

The factors that influence the CRS cut-off threshold are:

  • The numbers among the candidates invited;
  • The draw frequency;
  • The strength of new candidates that enter the pool; and
  • An increase/decrease among the candidates depending on unique circumstances
  • On August 2, totally 116,006 candidates were in the Express Entry pool.

Express Entry Candidates Having a CRS Score Between 450 and 470

There are strong possibilities that Express Entry draws in the remaining months will result in a low score than 450 points for candidates to get the ITA. IRCC has a plan to admit economic immigrants by using the Express Entry and there is an ambitious target since Oct 31, 2018, for 2019 and also for the next two years.

Canada is also committed to increase the immigration numbers by using the Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Class, and also the Federal Skilled Trades Class and reach the target of 256,000 in the ensuing years. Additionally 200,000 more new permanent residents will also settle by using the Provincial Nominee Programs before December 2021.

Benefit to the Express Entry Candidates

The Express Entry candidates receiving an invitation benefit by obtaining the provincial nomination in the - PNPs aligned with Express Entry. Also the changes to Express Entry allowed many candidates and gave a boost to students who pursued their studies in Canada. They were invited to receive an invitation for applying to the permanent immigration in Canada. Besides many more invitations will be issued over the future that will benefit individuals and families across the world.

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