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On May 15 The Government of Canada held a 117th Express Entry Draw. It invited 500 Federal Skilled Trades Class candidates with a CRS of 332 to seek Permanent Residence in Canada.

The details

This was the first draw specific to a program since Sep 24, 2018. It aims to attract candidates belonging to the Federal Skilled Trades Class. Additionally, it is open to overseas nationals who have the certificate of qualification proving their qualification to work in a skilled trade job in Canada. It is also open to an eligible person holding the employment offer of in Canada. Eligible Skilled work experience for the FSTC comes under these categories National Occupational Classification of Canada:
  • Major Group 72: trades involving electrical and Industrial, construction
  • Major Group 73: trades involving operation in Maintenance and equipment
  • Major Group 82: technical and Supervisory jobs in natural resources, agriculture, and other related production
  • Major Group 92: Processing, supervisors and also dealing with manufacturing and utilities and operators in the central control
  • Minor Group 632: Chefs/cooks
  • Minor Group 633: Butchers /bakers

The outline

The FSTC is an economic immigration program administered by the Express Entry system. Its counterparts are:
  • Federal Skilled Worker Class
  • Canadian Experience Class
All Eligible candidates get a score in the Express Entry’s CRS depending on skilled work experience, age, education, and language proficiency. They enter the Express Entry pool. FSTC and CEC Candidates having the eligible trade experience and who declared their skilled trade experience besides possessing the necessary certificate of qualification or employment offer were considered in this draw. Dissimilar to all-program draws that draw the candidates from the complete EE pool, result in a high cut-off threshold, but niche specific draws, produce a low cut-off score because they target a small pool of candidates. The cut-off threshold Today (332), was lower by 106 points, in comparison to the lowest score in 2019 for the all-program draw, which was standing at 438. Using the tie-break mechanism IRCC used the tie-break mechanism in this draw and the date/time was Aug 29, 2018, 8:32:03 UTC. The defining meaning here is that candidates having the CRS score of 332, and above, who have their profile in the EE pool before the specific date/time, successfully obtained the ITA for permanent residence in the country. Canada has a high Express Entry admission target for the next two years. The draw of today was a small draw and there can be a bigger draw in the future. Additionally, such draws are common in the PNP of Canada for addressing the requirements of the labor market. Alberta, Ontario and Nova Scotia provinces have issued invitations for selecting Express Entry candidates with low CRS scores attracting workmen, including accountants and financial auditors. Moreover, many PNP streams aligned with the Express Entry do not consider the federal CRS score of candidates as a part of their eligibility criteria. The stand of Provinces Manitoba and Saskatchewan also have their occupation lists and candidates pools. Furthermore, they use unique ranking systems of their own. Candidates with high intermediate English language proficiency, who improve their CRS score and eligibility, and also obtain certification in a province, get a better chance to qualify.

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