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IRCC conducted a 110th Canada Express Entry draw on January 30.  It issued a record number of 11,150 invitations in January. This was the biggest start in the EE system for any year in its history.

The CRS score in this draw was 438, which is a decline of five points reduction from the previous round held on Jan 23rd. Moreover, this is the lowest minimum score for a draw covering all programs by using the EE system since Oct 2017. This system supervises the pool of candidates for three Federal High Skilled immigration categories. These are:
  • Federal Skilled Trades Class
  • Federal Skilled Worker Class,
  • Canadian Experience Class,
The process
Candidates meeting the eligibility requirements in these categories enter into the pool and also get a ranking score based on the factors of education, age, and work experience and language proficiency in English/French. The top scoring candidates subsequently receive invitations seeking Canada permanent residence as per the invitation rounds, held at regular intervals - generally two weeks. The low score in the draw this week is because there was an interval of only one-week between two draws. When the time is less between two draws the pool of candidates faces a shortage of time to refill top-scoring candidates.
The relevant statistics
IRCC also applied the tie-break rule in this draw. The time for this event was April 26, 2018, at 05:00:46 UTC. Thus all candidates having the CRS score of and above 438, who had a profile in the EE pool prior to that date/time, successfully receive the ITA in this round. Totally IRCC issued 3,350 ITAs in this draw and the total for this month stands at 11,150. The happenings today reveal that this is the way to go. Canada has a high admission target for the present as well as the next year.
Effective use of the system
Applicants to The Federal Skill immigration categories, mostly submit their applications seeking the PR status are processed by using the EE system. Furthermore, to meet the admissions targets for the present year IRCC will aim to issue many ITAs during this year. The figure will be more than issuing ITAs, than in 2018. The cases to obtain an ITA require holding a bachelor’s degree, a two-year certificate, or having a good work experience of two to three years. Obtaining a score of 7-8 in each category in the IELTS exam will also give a boost. IRCC has a plan to go deep into the EE pool, to get the necessary talent, lower the cut-off score. Canada Express Entry had a good start in 2019 and the future is bright for it.

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